Hi guys, Happy new year, and thanks to all my friends and family who supported me through 2016. This year, I have so many things to look forward to and I have chosen to remain well positive about it.


This year, I have planned to focus on me and improve on myself in order to be the person I want and hope to be. In thinking about being a better person, I realised that so many people start the year making all these ‘resolutions’ and ‘self believe plans’ which goes a long way to affect their lives in so many  different ways, However only a few people actually stick to these  ‘resolutions’ to the end. Personally, I have tried over the years to affect and impact on my life as the day progresses, you know just take it as it comes, but This year I have decided to take a different approach by setting goals at the beginning of the year and sticking to them. To be completely honest setting goals can be really helpful, It helps set you on the right path ( if only you stick to it) and for me goal setting gives me a draft of my life aspirations . So I suggest if you haven’t set goals for yourself, the year is still young …..



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