Hey guys, welcome back to my blog, This post mainly focuses on 5 thing I feel many individuals needs to quit in 2017, last time I spoke about inspirational quotes and if you havent seen it check it out. without wasting anytime, here there are:

Trying to please everyone :

Personally, I can relate to this to an extent because they are SO many people who I have built a relationship with and wouldn’t in anyway want to let down, Hence, it has become a habit that I have to constantly deprive myself my happiness, in order to make others happy. Along the line, I found out that I never was able to do right by me anymore, which in reality should be the opposite. My advice – Don’t do that to yourself, do the best you can for the ones you care about, and create time for YOUR own happiness and YOUR own life.



The fear of change :

change of a truth is scary, but you would never know whether or not the grass is greener on the other side. Personally, I left my friends and family (well most of them anyway), in doing so I found myself doing things that I would never in a thousand years think of doing. So truly you never can really say, you just have to trust your guts!

Overthinking :

lol, I am actually laughing, because not only am I trying to pass a message across to you guys, I am also talking to myself as well! OVERTHINKING. Basically, I find myself  overthinking literarily everything! down to what I’m gonna have for breakfast, or What i’m gonna wear or my next post but hey! its meant to come one step at a time.  I get so confused by thoughts that I begin to feel the next person standing beside me has a negative opinion about me, whereas Im the least on their minds. I have discovered that writing out a plan is the best solution, I have a notepad where I write my activities, I actually learnt this from my mum and a close friend, writing out your plan is just the best way to handle things like this, Trust me it works! Advice – GET YOURSELF A NOTEPAD.

Living in Yesterday :

This is something I finally! finally!! gave up, it okay to make mistakes, its okay to have experiences, but It becomes a problem when we live our today lives based on the mistakes made yesterday. That it so wrong, our mistakes and failures should make us grow: NEVER LET YOUR EXPERIENCE BREAK YOU, LET IT BUILD YOU.

Underestimating yourself :

This is a no no is my opinion, So many times I find myself doubting my abilities, especially in the blogging business! its amazing how many men style bloggers we have in the world today doing incredibly well and when I try to measure up, I begin to doubt myself. But I have decided to see myself as the best at what I do. Don’t let anyone define who you are, you are Perfect and that all you know!




Finally, I will like to dedicate this post to a very close friend of mine who passed away: Precious Ngwalaka, He was a true friend and Brother!. Rest in Peace


thanks for stopping by…


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  1. deremo prosper 22nd September 2017 / 5:55 pm

    yea sacrificing your own happiness for others ll only lead to a heart break

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