Hey guys, welcome to my blog, I am back and better, recently, I have had the urge to read more books and be ‘woke’ and aware. Hence, I decided to download Audible app on my cell phone, and I had access to so many nice books, one particular book caught my attention, the book is titled; Black privilege: opportunities comes to those who create it by Charlamagne tha god. I had come across this book few days back and I was very interested, hence I was very happy to read the book from start to finish.


Basically, this book written by Charlemagne tha god, is more or less an autobiography of his life, growing up in South Carolina. He came up front about his dealing with drugs and his interest in music and wanting to build a career around it, and later getting into the creative industry as a radio personality. in the book he constantly repeated the phrase “f*** that dream” to constantly lay emphasis on the fact that certain decisions we make in life might not be the best but might just be what is holding us from grasping the true opportunities that’s knocking on the door…… He spoke about his encounter with the likes of Kanye West, Wendy Williams, Ciara, etc….



In terms of my thoughts, so far I have been very impressed by the articulation and the mode of writing, also, I sincerely believe that the book is quite informational, the author was able to draw his readers, who I presume to be mostly young adults. In the book he also give real advise on starting what makes you happy and ways on how to succeed in what ever field you have decided to follow. Through reading this book I have been able to reevaluate my goals and properly setting out goals on how to achieve them. One major thing I like about the book is that; he really goes deep to explain his life story, regardless to what people might think or say, but like he disclosed in his book  ‘I will say whatever I want to say regardless’.


you can get the book by clicking here.


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