I really could not wait to share this post with you guys, simply because it was my first time visiting Barcelona. I remember sharing with you guys sometime in July a list of the things that I’d love to get off to for the summer holiday(click here if you haven’t read that post).

I would say I was able to accomplish most of it, but as time went on, the summer holiday began to drag longer and longer, and the thought of being idle and stuck in London was really not an option. So I decided to book a short holiday for myself (well I did go with my family…) to Barcelona and to be honest with you guys, I really loved it, I spent the whole time on the coast of Barcelona (Santa Susanna), it was basically a small town, however, the buildings and facilities were really nice and I loved it. In terms of food, I think I ate churros and burgers every single day, I was obsessed!

If I had my way I would return there without hesitation! If you haven’t been there, do consider, you will not regret it!

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