Hey guys, so I thought I’d share my playlist with you guys only because there are some recognisable hits such as Cardi B’s Bodak yellow; there’s no denying that, I am very proud of how Cardi B has grown herself, Bodak yellow to me seems like a very sincere song like she wrote that from the heart carefully selecting each word. 

One other song that stood out for me is Sam Smith’s new single too good at goodbyes. If you havent heard it please do,its included in my playlist as well. 

In summary, I feel like musicians are taking music and the industry to a different level, to some critics, the quality of songs might have decreased overtime, but personally I admire the creativity behind every song on this playlist.

I hope you guys like my playlist, if you do leave a comment below, if there’s any song you’d like me to listen to, please leave it in the comment section and I will do so asap.

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