Hey guys, Hope everyone is doing good?!

I did a quick shopping at H & M, but I really wasn’t feeling the sweatshirt I had purchased, hence being my usual curious self, I decided to go into Primark just for the sake of  filling up my closet with things I really did not have any need for. Fortunately for me, I stumbled upon this grey sweatshirt with the New York Print, being a cheap individual, I quickly purchased it and returned the sweatshirt I had previously ordered.

The past week I have at least worn this sweatshirt like 3-4 times before deciding to post anything on my blog. The first time I merged the sweatshirt with black shorts and my van trainers and I loved it!! Second time wearing it,  I decided to pair it with black skinny jeans I got from new look. I got a lot of compliment from people and I hope you like it too!!!!

I did not only purchase this sweatshirt simply because it was cheap, but also for the purpose of this post, I truly and honestly  sympatise with the victims and families that were affected by the New York attack.

I was really satisfied with my New York print sweatshirt as it was very cheap, I spent only 10 quid! do not judge me! I am just cheap….well not all that cheap though.  If I had settled for my first option and missed out on this sweatshirt and feel truly disappointed!

Photography 📸: ax.ville

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