Hey guys welcome back to my blog, as we all know Christmas is fast approaching and the year is slowly coming to a close. Having said that, there still remains a lot I am thankful for this year, despite the ups and downs associated with this year, 2017 has been an alright yea for me!

Moving on, as we all know christmas is fast approaching and we are in the season of giving. Santa’s coming to town guys!! Anyway I made up a list of the things I woud love to have this christmas (some of which I know are just a myth).

Here there are :

Supreme T-shirt

Image result for supreme t shirts for sale


Image result for khaki bomber jacket mens with fur

khaki bomber jacket

Image result for mennace jogger

mennace joggers

Image result for yeezy boost 350

yeezy v2


Image result for long coat mens

long coat

Image result for nike air force 1

Nike air force


Image result for tea tree collection

tea tree collection

So guys all I want for Christmas are the items listed above, well for one the tea tree collection tops the list for me, I have happened to try out most of their products and I can say for a fact that they are worth having!



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