Naomi Campbell and Skepta were on the new cover for GQ magazine and everyone is here for it! I was super excited when the cover was released, Naomi and Skepta 100% nailed it. I was particularly happy that they gave their our thoughts on the Black Panther which was released on the 16th of Feburary, 2018. When asked about the movie the two gave their own views and opinion and I for one agree with every word.

GQ: How important are these big media statements concerning colour: this magazine cover, the 2018 all-black Pirelli calendar, the Black Panther film?
NC: I didn’t work all these years to go backwards. I’ve seen so many people sacrifice their lives: Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela… Now, more than ever, when I do a job, I don’t care about fame. I think, “What does it do for my people?” We’ve had to make these statements to remind you when you’re not being diverse. But when you choose, you should make your decision with diversity and balance.

Skepta: These magazines are such big deals because they shape how society sees beauty. So thank you to everybody who helped us get here and thank you for acknowledging us. But we’re still always going to do us. I don’t want to make a big thing out of things like this. It’s supposed to be like this. But I understand that, like an arm wrestle, there’s a forceful fight over on one side before it goes over to the other side. That’s what’s happening and I just hope it balances out, because the pressure isn’t good for anyone.

If you would love to read more visit GQ magazine 

As an overview, there was never any doubt Naomi or Skepta was going to deliver as Naomi showed that she still wears the crown and Skepta did not fail to let us know he too could strike a pose. I am obsessed!!

Credit : GQuk


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