Hi guys! Basically for the past few weeks I noticed that I was breaking out ridiculously, hence I began a search for a remedy to my situation.

In a bid to find a remedy I came across some spot treatments that actually worsened my situation. However I came across like 4 products which changed my life. After I used these products, I decided to share with you guys as I presume I may not be the only who is in this situation.

Here there are;

Lush Tea Tree and Aloe gel : I absolutely love this! I used it for a night and I began to see changes. Tea tree has been know and proven to treat acne and pimples. In terms of pricing it was really affordable going for £7

Golden collagen facial mask : this is particularly good for black and white heads. It usually comes 3 in a pack uf gotten off amazon and it is very cheap going for £3-£4.


Bulldog anti aging mosturizer : I did a review about this product on snapchat if you do not already follow me it’s jamie_astro. I love this simply because it really moisturizers one’s skin making you glow with a smooth and tender skin/face


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